Simply Kind of Man ( A to the H)

Having Santana himself as his model was just something he didn't take as granted. He loves this job and that simply it.

Yohanes Paganda Halasan Harahap,or known as Agan Harahapa talented self-taught young photographer and illustrator that now working for currently working for TRAX Magazine is one of the Indonesian proudness. His arts had been discussed in some of the foreign social media several times, including  The Guardian-London newspaper.

This genius man like to come up with a very creative idea and concept in his digital arts, like his current arts "Holy War" that featured in The Jakarta Post, February 2011, almost a full page of him and his arts which at the same time had been exhibited at the Richard Koh Fine Art exhibition, last January 2011 in Kuala Lumpur.

For you people out there that want to get inspired do check his BlogFlickr and devianART or BehanceNETWORK right away. :)

And will leave you with interview i had with him via email. Enjoy! :)

1. Tell me about your first love story with the camera bang? :)
dunia fotografi, buat gw, bukan diawali dgn cinta.. tp dgn kebencian.
krn dulu, (waktu jaman kuliah), buat gw, orang yg jago motret, adalah orang yg bodoh dalam menggambar. ditambah lagi krn ketidakadaan alat. yg memaksa gw untuk 2x mengulang kuliah fotografi. (Bagaimana tidak benci toh?!?)
tapi waktu berjalan, sehingga ada seorang kawan 'sepergaulan' yg memulai fotografi dan mendapat apresiasi yg oke. dan gw pun 'panas' untuk menyainginya.
Setelah itu,.. "simsalabim". dan gw jd fotografer sampe skrg.

2. What do you like to keep saying to motivate yourself?, words of wisdom maybe?
'aku harus bisa ' 

3. The best thing about this job is..
Fotografi adalah media yg terhitung 'baru' sebagai media ekspresi dlm berkesenian. Dan ketika mempelajarinya, gw menemukan banyak kejutan2 yg menyenangkan. 

4. So far have you come to realize and understand where do you 'get' your success from?
Semuanya berpulang pada yang Maha Kuasa mbak..

5. People assume that when you have already earned a lot of money in a field, you are then professional, just like a professional photographer, well actually what is the word 'Professional' means to you? 
Profesional adalah bagaimana loe berhasil me-manage sesuatu sesuai dgn rencana loe tanpa merugikan org lain. ttg earned a lot of money, anda salah mbak..

6. You have gained lots of recognition through media or exhibition, can you pick the most unforgettable one and tell us a little bit about it.. :D
Semua pameran dan ekspos2 itu punya arti tersendiri yg sungguh berkesan buat gw. Kl di tanya yg paling berkesan, adalah waktu gw ke portugal 2009. krn itu adalah pertamakalinya, gw jalan2 gratisan cm modal karya doang.

7. How do you get inspired with some of your wild idea and concept? 
Semua berlangsung sewajarnya. apa yg gw rasa, itu yg gw kerjain..
(gw ini cowok sensi cuy ) 

8. Last but not least, any tips and advices to the starter out there? :) the things that someone should had told you about being a newbie?
B-2 yg kemarin mbak..  (Berlatih dan Bergaul. Berlatih meningkatkan skill dan Bergaul meningkatkan network)


Mary Jane

Shoes with its name is Mary Jane. If you a shoe lover, this kind of shoes is a must item to be put on your cupboard. Mary Janes shoes will not be swept away by the current trend, as it was been proven since 1900.
Curious to know the story behind the name?  Move on.

Wikipedia stated that the name of Mary Jane Shoes came from a comic strip character by Richard Outcault in Buster Brown. At that time, 1904, this comic strip was well-known all over America, so did the shoes worn by the Buster Brown and her little sister Mary Jane that finally came to be known by her name.

So, it was back then this black-leathers-low heels and single buckle strap shoes worn by the children, both young boys and girls.

But today, there's no more Buster Brown-like that wear the shoes. Mary Jane shoes is now mainly wear for female, young girls and women. The classic Mary Jane is revolutionize from sneakers to flat shoes, high heels or open-toe pump with various designed. Mary Jane is known of its simplicity and versatile use. The shoes can be wear like everywhere. So, go grab the shoes to complete your sea-shoes collection now.

Spotted on Hollywood
Mischa Barton in every spot
Little Suri addicted to Mary Jane flat shoes
 Rihana and Hilary Duff are wearing the same one
 Spotted on bloggers
Sussie the Bubble
 Diana Rikasari is wearing June& Julia Mary Jane
Spotted on the Style
Kinderwhore Style
Lolita Style   
Spotted on the Movie Character
 Elma Dinkley in the Scooby-Doo and Eleanor-the Chipettes


way UP high

Diana Rikasari, following her passion in shoes is knitting her dreams through UP. 
UP shoes is made for passion and purpose. Where she wants to not commercially having the brand to run on mere profit, but also to contribute something to the social for having a purpose for its being. " I design & produce the shoes wholeheartedly, thus with passion, and I don't want to just sell, but I also want to able to give, thus the donation initiative.", Diana said.

 UP is taken after a Disney-Pixar cartoon animation named UP. She got inspired by the movie and decided to use it as her brand's name. She defined UP as something that represents heels for "elevating women's height and confidence" and also donation for "making progress/ leveling up" to the society. For every pair of shoes sold, Rp.5.000 is donated. What a not-selfish habit, right?

UP shoes is currently having 6 designs that are so Diana, simply brave with a full details attached. The shoes are also designed to be perfect in everyday wear,even for a midnight tea.

This young lady will not stop surprising her friends and fans as she still has another secret project that will be soon revealed. Best luck for Diana Rikasari and UP.. Do visit her online store here. :)